Wives Who Win: How To Win In Your Marriage God's Way Treal Ravenel

Wives Who Win: How to Win in Your Marriage God's Way
by Treal Ravenel
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You can have a great marriage from Day one. I know that is a broad statement, but I hold true to it and can prove it through the pages of this book. What I found to be true, even in my marriage, is that you have to choose to be happy every day, no matter what! The women I know, including me, who are truly winning in their marriage is not because we have a perfect marriage, not because we have never encountered any level of adversity or challenges, but it is because we made a decision to WIN. When you get married, you are bringing two people from different walks of life, backgrounds, and environments to live together forever, so of course, they are going to be differences, disagreements and sometimes division. You have to choose if you will allow these differences and conflicts to be the steering wheel of your marriage in creating constant controversy between you and your husband or will you use them as fuel to better the marriage by constantly learning more about yourself and your husband to grow as you become one. Throughout scripture; God shows us how to build a healthy marriage in providing step by step instructions. Doing the footwork up front will lessen the effect of the opposition and adversity.




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